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About Us:

Dan Martin – President

Keeping Your Safety in Mind

Our team has retooled our business model to meet the needs of our community during this difficult time. Please let us know how we can be of service to you and your organization. Call us at 866-588-6300


Dan Martin, founder of Metro-Detroit based manufacturing company Magnum Tools, was not interested in just sitting on the sidelines as the battle of the pandemic virus unfolded.  Martin turned his manufacturing company into making shields that would greatly reduce the spread of flus and viruses. 

MagnumTools sneeze guard comes in widths of 36 and 48 inches, created in varying heights from a couple feet for a desktop unit to six-feet for an entrance unit.  Small openings when appropriate can be creatively and safely designed to meet business needs such as the passing of documents.  Although this project is less than two weeks old Magnum Tools is already capable of manufacturing units in the thousands.  

The Sneeze Guard is in full production ready to serve the needs of hospitals, schools, convenience stores, gas stations, offices, and anywhere face-to-face business takes place.  Magnum Tools has already been contracted to deploy units to essential businesses currently open and other businesses seeking solutions to open once government restrictions are lifted. 

Magnum Tools feels the obvious use at the moment is for places like convenience stores, but predicts the future of the products will be for workers sharing spaces in offices or conference rooms.  Magnum Tools is also very excited that they’ve come up with a solution to allow safe entrance of employees into shops, offices and the like.  They have developed a shield that can be installed at the entrance, allowing the employer to safely scan the temperatures of guests and personnel entering the building.  

Martin’s wife, Gina is a nurse on the front lines fighting this pandemic.  Martin is doing his part to fight against the virus by donating to two local hospitals, two schools and a Chamber of Commerce.  Magnum Tool’s Sneeze Guards are affordably priced and installation is complete in less than one minute with no tools needed! 

Governor Whitmer endorsed Magnum Tools in one of her recent press conferences.  Stating companies like Dan Martin’s are changing with the times creating safer ways to stay healthy and keep America working.