Magnum Safety Products Aluminum 12x8x8 Outdoor Portable Dining Shelter

$4,500.00 $4,000.00


12x8x8 Aluminum Portable Outdoor Dining Shelter.

The “blue” is a protective film on the plexiglass. Windows can slide open. On the side that has the door it’s Plexiglass panels on the left and right of the door and above. Option for propane mounted furnace with thermostat and solar power for lighting, TV or music. (self-contained unit) there’s also no framework on the back wall that if you wanted to put an air conditioner unit for the summer you could and you could put the screens in as opposed to the plexiglass windows. The units are pretty versatile. These can be transported on car haulers (tow truck) and forklift or rolled into place. All of the framework is aluminum.

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Weight 600 lbs